Weather SensorModem


Weather Sensor

Measure soil moisture and air humidity, soil and air temperatures, and determine the luminance for a specific part of your field with OneSoil weather sensors. Cheap to buy, easy to install, simple to use.

The base contains sensors to measure soil moisture and temperature at two different depths

The top has a sensor for measuring the light level, as well as air humidity and temperature

The device is powered by four AA batteries that last a whole season

Several times a day, data is transferred to the OneSoil web app via a SIM card


Soil moisture and temperature measurement

Air humidity and temperature measurement

Cloudy and sunny days detection

Dew point calculationComing soon

Precipitation rate measurementComing soon

Plant disease predictionComing soon

Pest emergence predictionComing soon

Monitor soil conditions, optimize your irrigation schedule and frequency, and determine the optimal time to apply fertilizers

How to order

If you want to order a device, please fill out the form. Our weather sensor is several times cheaper than a standard weather station.

We’ll help you determine the number of sensors your farm requires and advise you on the best set-up locations. Installation takes a couple of minutes. Just dig a small hole in the soil and plant the sensor in it. The device will immediately begin transferring data to the OneSoil web app.

We’ve also developed a modem


Transfer data between agricultural equipment and the OneSoil web app using a mobile network and see where your machinery is at all times. The modem is compatible with all onboard computer brands. Get it at an affordable price.

Difference between set and actual rates
Visualization in the OneSoil web app

The OneSoil web app shows full information about machinery’s operation in a simple and easy‑to‑understand way. Agricultural workers can check the machinery’s route and application rates and identify problem areas immediately after the fieldwork is completed. This provides the ability to quickly fix any overlaps and gaps, thus saving on seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides.

How to use it

Connect to the onboard computer via a USB port

Send tasks to the equipment remotely from the officeComing soon

Track machinery locations in real-time

Get reports about completed work on your computer

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