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The OneSoil team develops a free app for farmers, agronomists, and agricultural consultants. We're among the first companies on the international market that analyze satellite images and build machine learning algorithms for agricultural tasks.

This field doesn't have any ready-made solutions yet; each new task is a leap into the unknown. That's why this field's pioneers have a chance to do something truly revolutionary. OneSoil is building the largest platform in the world to analyze remote monitoring data and provide farmers with insights about their fields.

Team member values

Open, sincere, and easy-going.
One of our founders sometimes dyes his hair green. Bureaucracy and formality? Not really our thing.
Ready for new experiences and experiments.
For most of our team members, agriculture is a new area. Enthusiasm is a must here.
Committed to working long-term.
We value each employee's contributions and offer stock options.
Passionate about always being one step ahead.
Our company is built by people, and we appreciate it when employees are ready to learn and share their experience and knowledge.

Employee bios

How young professionals join the agricultural world, and why they stay.

Morten Schmidt
Tonya Rovda
Head of HR
Vladimir Akritskiy
Frontend Team Lead
Philipp Kondratenko
Agronomist & Product Manager
Christina Butsko
Data Science Engineer
Slava Mazai
Chief Innovation Officer
Usevalad Henin
Head of Agricultural Research
Rada Klimenko
Head of B2B Development
Olga Polevikova
Chief Marketing Officer
Job openings
Remote / Warsaw
Senior / Lead Backend Engineer
Remote / Warsaw
Chief Commercial Officer
Remote / Warsaw
Front-end Engineer
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