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Transforming agriculture for a sustainable future

The OneSoil platform consists of the OneSoil app, the OneSoil Yield app, and the OneSoil Global Analytics. The platform and its digital field analytics combine our deep knowledge of precision farming and crop production achieved through years of field trials with satellite imagery, machine learning, and millions of hectares of proprietary ground truth data.

OneSoil is a Swiss company with an office in Poland and operations spread across the globe.

OneSoil company was founded by Usevalad Henin, Slava Mazai and Sasha Yakovlev. The team began analyzing satellite images for agricultural needs and continued field trials which Usevalad had been conducting since 2014. First investments were received from Bulba Ventures and Palta.
The app
The OneSoil Scouting mobile app was launched along with the OneSoil web app. Later that year, OneSoil presented the OneSoil Map, the world's first interactive map featuring AI-detected fields and crops. The company began producing weather sensors.
Precision farming
As a result of numerous field trials, the first tool for variable-rate application was added to the web app. The company received $ 1,2 mln from Bulba Ventures and Palta. The first business contract with BASF was signed.
By this year, OneSoil defined field boundaries in 57 countries, and the number of users reached 200K. At the moment, 4.5% of the world’s arable land is registered in OneSoil.
Global growth
OneSoil became a Swiss company and opened offices in Zurich and Warsaw. The company received $5 mln from Almaz Capital and PortfoLion. Morten Schmidt joined the team as OneSoil's new CEO. OneSoil conducted 450 field trials on 32 000 ha and started producing modems for farm machinery.
OneSoil Yield launch
We've created OneSoil Yield Precision Farming Solution—an AI-assisted agronomy platform that helps farmers increase productivity, reduce waste, and protect the environment.

Press about us

Press about us

Ukraine has increased its use of precision farming in light of the war.
OneSoil has found itself in an interesting reporting role, as well, uniquely positioned to use its satellite data and machine learning to evaluate the impact of the crisis by comparing the size of areas under crops to last year's season.
Neue Zürcher Zeitung
Wheat is grown on approximately 11 percent of Ukraine's land area. Source: OneSoil
MIT Technology review
The OneSoil Map recognizes what’s growing and predicts what the yields may be.
Geospatial World
Satellite imagery allows for determining productivity zones within the field even without historical yield data.
Insights From Outer Space: Farming Smarter With OneSoil
OneSoil raises $5 million for its farm monitoring tech
Financial Times
New Europe 100: eastern Europe’s emerging technology stars
“We are creating analytics and knowledge that make data visible and thereby allows for faster decision-making for the business.”
OneSoil converts light waves into heat maps showing crop conditions
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Golden Kitty Awards

The OneSoil Map was an AI & Machine Learning Product of the Year according to Product Hunt.

Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards

The OneSoil Map was a Bronze Winner in the Maps, Places & Spaces category.

WSA Global Congress

OneSoil was named the Best Product in the Environment & Green Energy category.

Digital Excellence in Agriculture in Europe and Central Asia

OneSoil was recognized as a Champion of the FAO-ITU Regional Contest in the category for Agriculture innovations systems and sustainable farming – connected farm management systems.