IMC saved 200 tons of fertilizer thanks to OneSoil Yield technology
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Reveal the full potential of your fields with digital agriculture

OneSoil helps remotely monitor crops, increase yields, and reduce seed and fertilizer costs

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Get the most out of satellite monitoring
Monitor plant development and apply precision farming technologies
Track field vegetation using the NDVI index and find problem areas
Add field boundaries in just 1 click. We've already detected them using satellite images
Analyze NDVI vegetation index, growing degree-days, and accumulated precipitation charts
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Detect issues faster and save time and money on field scouting
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Find problem areas without leaving your home
Create notes and photos as you scout your field
Sort fields and color them according to different data types
Check the weather forecast and find the best time for spraying
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Precision agriculture from your PC

Increase your profit per hectare and save on seeds and fertilizers with variable-rate technology

Upload files from on-board computers to analyze fieldwork results
Analyze NDVI vegetation index, growing degree-days, and accumulated precipitation charts
Rodrigo Zimmer, Agronomist, Brazil
Yiğit Bohur, Farmer, Turkey
Ignacio Dorado, Agronomist, Argentina
Nikita Tokmakov, Farmer, Russia
Aaron Schmidtman, Agronomist, Germany
We saved $ 11 per hectare thanks to OneSoil. When the frost hit, I identified the damaged areas on the NDVI map. Then I created a map for growth regulators only for the areas that weren't affected.
The most useful thing for us is the NDVI maps. We also use OneSoil to track the weather forecast, check growing degree-days and accumulated precipitation, and leave notes for areas that we want to check.
OneSoil spares me trips to the fields because I can monitor a specific crop, check its condition every week and take action. In my work, it’s very important to have a tool that offers satellite images.
You check the NDVI maps, see where the index is low, and head out right away to check a specific site. The app also shows how the index changes over time. This part is especially important to me.
OneSoil helps me remotely see how my crops are growing and which field is performing best. It also helped me very easily calculate corn seeding rates. I think the app is very user-friendly.
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